Dr. Allyson Brooks - Citizenship Award

During the 2018 Education Fund Benefit Luncheon, a League of Women Voters of Thurston County Citizen Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Allyson Brooks, the Washington State Director of Antiquities and Historic Preservation.

Allyson-Brooks.jpgAllyson has a significant impact statewide through her professional work that focuses on preserving physical reminders of our past. From lumber mills to schools, sacred landscapes to archaeological sites, rustic cabins to office towers, our historic and cultural resources provide everyone with a tangible link to persons and events that have shaped our communities and ourselves.  Her work helps our state maintain an environment that instills civic pride and community spirit.

The Thurston League has benefited directly from Allyson's involvement in the local community. She served both as President and Vice-President/Program Chair. She continues to be a vital source of connections and information as we plan meetings of interest to members and the broader community.  


In her spare time, you'll find Allyson doing Crossfit, running with her dogs, weightlifting, photographing sunrises, and even doing some martial arts when she gets the chance



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