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writer to assist Tribal position update team


The Tribal Position Update Team for the League of Women Voters Thurston County has an immediate position for a writer interested in increasing community understanding of the history of local tribes. The time commitment for this position is now through mid-May to prepare a draft 6-10-page narrative of the historical events important to local tribes. The Update Team has completed the research for this paper and now needs the work to translate the outline into a narrative. The paper will be part of a larger Study Report prepared by the Team. The writer will work with a team member who has volunteered to write a related paper on legal history relevant to local tribes.

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Saturday-Sunday, June 25-26, 2022

The Voter Services Committee needs volunteers to be moderators and time-keepers for our primary election candidate forums. We will hold the forums on one weekend in late June. Moderators will read from a prepared script, asking candidates questions. Timekeepers will hold up signs to notify moderators and candidates when their time is up. Volunteers will have just one forum with a time commitment of one hour for training and one hour for the forum. You need stable Internet connection if the forums are held on Zoom. Alternatively, the forums may be held in the Thurston Community Media Studio. This is exciting work, and at the end of your forum you will know the candidate of your choice!

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SOcial media position


The Communications Team for the League of Women Voters Thurston County has an immediate position for an individual to create social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms. The time commitment for this position is approximately 2 hours per week. Familiarity with social media platforms is desired as well as knowledge of League vision, mission, and positions as criteria for assessing the suitability of post content. Training will be provided.

Contact our Communications Chair

P.O. Box 2203
Olympia WA 98507