Youth Forum

Facing the Issues: Capital High School Youth Forum

Seven members of the Capital High School Debate Team agreed to write individual oratories on matters important to us here in Thurston County. League members provided the list of topics, and students decided to use one or create their own. 

Watch the Youth Forum!


Kaloyan Menser: How do we get youth engaged in local government? 
Ivy Davis: A history of women's work being stolen by men.
Charlie Norris: The politics of kindness. 
Meredith Morgan: What is the best way to solve homelessness? 
Alaina Houser: Is the Thurston County Climate Mitigation Plan strong enough?
Madeleine Lashinksy: What are needed changes to the juvenile justice system?
Tealia Noviello: Are the police accountable and do we need reform?