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How To Vote!!

With Subtitles in Spanish

This video is a lighthearted demonstration on how to vote and the importance of voting in Washington State! It is brought to you by League of Women Voters of WA Education Fund and the League of Thurston County.  We encourage you to share this video with friends and relatives and groups!  Special thanks to actors and media crew Dilang Duir and Juan Carlos Ruiz Duran. Filmed and edited by Jenna Mason Media LLC. 

Register to Vote at VoteWa.Gov

Make sure your signature is still valid at VoteWa.Gov

See what's on your ballot: Vote411 

Register, Get involved:

First-Time Voters Guide: How to Cast Your Ballot in Seven Steps:

Voting in College – Common FAQs:

State-by-State Voter Registration Guide:




Q: How do I vote?

A:  You must be a citizen of the US. You must register to vote. Check out all information on registering and voting in Washington State!

Q: How powerful is my vote?

A: Elected Officials and politicians examine the vote count for all issues and candidates and make policy accordingly! Be a Voter.

Q: Are our elections safe and secure?

A: Our elections are safe and your vote is secure. According to a Brennan Center for Justice report, an American is more likely to “be struck by lightning” than be impersonated at the polls. America’s elections are among the safest and most secure worldwide. Read more in the LWVWA and Spokesman Review' publication, "YOUR VOTE"

Q: What if I have had a felony conviction?

A: You can find out about when your right to vote is restored by visiting the Secretary of State's website








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