Thurston County Growth -- Yelm Meeting -- April 26, 2017

Thurstonn County Commissioner Gary Edwards and Jeremy Davis, Senior Planner in the County's long range planning department, were joined by 25 interested residents on the evening of April 26, 2017.  About half of the audience were League of Women Voters-Thurston County (LWV-TC) members.  Others, mostly residence of rural Thurston County, had heard about this general meeting on the radio, from friends, or by way of personal invitation.  The Mayor of Yelm, J W Foster, was in this last category.

The meeting cosisted mainly of Commissioner Edwards answering questions about the impact of growth on land use, water quality, housing, and the balance between protecting the public good and maintaining indiviual rights.  Although not "individuals," the needs of pocket gophers and salmon were also part of the discussion.  People were amazed to hear that the County population is expected to grow by over 100,000 in the next 20 years (check this site--  The importance of careful study, strong science, and innovation were all stressed as factors in searching for solutions. 

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