Speak Out for Equity Program

Speak Out for Equity Committee history and ongoing activities.


This began in January 2021, and it was initially referred to a an effort to Evaluate Equity Efforts Through a DEI and Justice Lens, as noted in this article in the May 2021 LWVTC Voter. 

by R Peggy Smith

 During the January 2021 Program of Work meeting, several members expressed an interest in doing something related to the status of under-represented people in our county. This was in part a response to League’s diversity, equity, and inclusion emphasis and encouragement to become more aware and welcoming of people from marginalized groups. It also reflected recent events showing that inequity exists in Thurston County.

Some of the members at the Program of Work meeting had been serving on LWVTC committees where they heard about local governmental plans to mend this problem.   They saw a few examples of suggested policies or programs to enhance equity.  However, we know that the best laid plans of local governments do not always come to pass.  Therefore, there is a proposal to take undertake an action effort to help us learn about some of these plans and how well they are working.  Additional details of our proposed action effort will be provided to members to support adoption of this proposal at the Annual Meeting.


PROPOSAL to the Membership.  The proposal that went to the membership for adoption in May 2021 can be seen here.



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