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Annual Report for 2019-2020

 This report consists of individual reports from officers, committee chairs (both on and off the board), program coordinators, appointed liaisons, and various ad hoc positions. 

Submitted, by Sandra Herndon, President 2018-2020

Take a look at this overview of our activities during the year by clicking here.


 Planning for the League Future 

Educated and informed voters are the key to our democracy. We work to educate voters about state and local races each year, and we also distribute educational materials about state and local elections.

The premier publication of many Local Leagues is the "They Represent You" flyer.  The TRY contains information about every elected official within a given county.  The League of Women Voters of Thurston County TRY is available at many public places around the county, such as libraries, county offices, human services organizations, and the Chamber of Commerce.  Click here to see the  2020 TRY.

In an effort to foster civic engagement and provide needed information to voters, League members host candidate debates and forums each year and provide straightforward information on candidates and ballot issues. Through both print and online resources, including, we equip voters with essential information about the election process in each state, including polling place hours and locations, ballot information, early or absentee voting rules, voter registration deadlines, ID requirements and more.

Who Can Vote

League volunteers hold voter registration drives each year and actively encourage all citizens to vote. We concentrate our registration drives at locations that reach large numbers of unregistered voters, including high schools and community colleges, sporting events, and more. We also register voters through our online registration tool at Since 2012, the League has been the single-largest on-the-ground partner of National Voter Registration Day (NVRD).


The Thurston County LWV advocates based on local, state and national positions.  Local and state advocacy must be consistent with national.

National positions and principles are reviewed and updated every two years, at the LWVUS Convention.  The results of the latest convention's work may be found in the LWVUS 2018-2020 Impact on Issues.  Click here to see that document.

The Washington State League positions are also reviewed and update at the LWVWA Convention.  The results of the most recent State Convention's work is found in the LWVWA Program in Action 2019-2021.  Click here to seen the State document.

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