More on Words in a DEI Context

As we have said before, “Words Matter.”

This is the third and fourth of four word-related items in the LWVTC DEI BLOG page.

First is a note from the November 09, 2021 post Ensuring a Seat at the Table by LWVTC member, Kyrian MacMichael

Author’s note on the use of terms:  I would like to note the insights shared with me about the use of the terms Hispanic, Latino, and LatinX. I was told that many people in the community prefer to use Latino to signify people who hail from Latin America, and Hispanic to refer to people who have a background connected to a Spanish-speaking country. Some felt that LatinX was a term that White Culture created while trying to be inclusive, but “Latino” already includes everyone as it signifies “all people from Latin America” in Spanish. Well-meaning people have coined the term “LatinX” to honor a new era of civil rights  for people of Latin American and Hispanic descent, but many people in the older Latino and Hispanic community aren’t as comfortable with the modern term. While LatinX is usually used in print, Latino and Hispanic are preferred by many while speaking. Also, LatinX hasn’t been adopted by other cultures in Latin American countries, I was told. The terms are used interchangeably as suits the speaker. While LatinX is mostly used by the younger generations because it is a gender identity that encompasses both of the pronouns, people shared, the older generation prefers Latinos or Latinas.

    Kyrian MacMichael 


The second item here is a link to a webpage that has several brief comments on “Why Pronouns Matter.


Earlier word-related posts are from:

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