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Happy Spring! We’re very happy to initiate this revised version of the Thurston County VOTER. Since our last VOTER we’ve been very busy! To update you, our January meeting focused on establishing our Observer Corp; we joined in supporting the hugely successful Women’s March; observed Susan B. Anthony’s birthday; held a February Public Meeting on Hidden aspects of Poverty; helped organize the Climate Convention; held an organizing meeting for our Voter Services committee; revised our popular pamphlet They Represent You (TRY), initiated Coffee with League weekly gatherings, are pulling together our Voter Services work group, and more!

We’ve begun planning for our Annual Meeting, which will be in May, location and date to be determined. At that meeting we will adopt our Annual Budget, review the past year, and determine whether to revise any of our current Positions or work on a new Position(s). We'll also make plans for the next year, to complement our focus on elections and voter registration. Annual Meeting specifics will be available soon. If you want to suggest a Position revision or a new Position, please contact me with your suggestions by April 13th. Suggestions need to be considered by the Board at our April 20th meeting.

A reminder: League is non-partisan. By that we mean that we do not support or oppose any political party or candidate. We encourage informed and active participation in government, based on education and advocacy centered on our local, state and national positions on issues. We welcome men and women to join us; to be a voting member you must be a citizen. Non-citizens can join as associate members.

Chris Carson, our LWVUS President, recently said, “Much of our society’s greatest progress is born out of challenging times and the same can happen today as we work to create a more perfect democracy. From voting rights to clean air, health care to money in politics, the League’s core issues will be at the forefront of battles in state houses and in Washington D.C.” I believe we need to be persistent!

In League,

Pat Dickason, President
[email protected]


We’ve begun our Observer Corps work — had an organizing meeting in late February to strategize. We’re starting by observing the County Commission, the City Councils of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater and the Port Commission. "The Observer Corps members attend meetings to listen, learn and to make factual reports of the proceedings. Basic to have effective League activity in a community is to understand how the local government works. A local League observer is the eyes and ears of the League, learning how government works and about issues that are or may become items for local study and action. The League's reputation as a civic monitor has been earned by the Observer Corps of the local Leagues.” Link: LWVUS Observer Corps Handbook

If you’d like to join the Corps, please contact me (Pat Dickason, [email protected]).We need League folks to attend meetings and take notes!

UPCOMING: Annual Convention in Seattle, June 2-4, 2017

We encourage members to mark your calendars, consider attending, and stay tuned for more details about the annual state convention. Planning is underway for the League of Women Voters of Washington Convention, scheduled to be held in Seattle, June 2-4, 2017. The theme for the conference is "Democracy: Must Be Present to Win!" Details expected here soon: LWVWA website.


Lots of Thurston League activity in March. First there was a lively conversation with Commissioner Bud Blake. He gave an overview of what he sees as the most important issues facing the County over the next couple of years: Storm water, exempt wells (Hirsh Decision), Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), and jail population. This was followed by a question and answer. We want to thank the Carnegie Group for co-hosting this event.

coffee-1-cropped.jpgThe first LWV-TC Coffee with the League was a lively event. Bayview Thriftway’s upstairs snacking area may not have the best acoustics, but the price was right. A group of close to twenty members and friends were able to hear about legislative issues being supported by League and follow up by writing postcards expressing their opinions. Plenty of visiting went on, as well. Watch for more such sessions.

The LWV-Board met on March 16 to start planning this year’s Annual Meeting. You can find Board Minutes under the “Leadership” tab in our website. That is also a good place to find out about upcoming events.

The final March event of note was the General Meeting held at the Olympia Center.


LWV-TC Hosted or Co-Sponsored Events

March 25, Climate Change Conference

March 28, Coffee and Advocacy with League, 10 -11 am at Bayview  Thriftway upstairs, E-mail Paula at [email protected] for details

April 20, LWV-TC Board Meeting, E-mail [email protected] for information

April 26, General Meeting in Yelm (Need web site link)

Other Events of Interest

March 26, Blitzapalooza, Temple Beth Hatfiloh

March 29 Olympia Housing Levy Forum. The United Churches of Olympia, 6-7:30pm

April 20, Race in Film, at OUUC

April 22, Earth Day

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