March 2016 - Homeless Issues

Thurston County has an ongoing challenge dealing with homelessness. Compassion and charity have never been enough to address the realities of our most vulnerable residents and although there are dedicated programs working hard every day to assist them it seems that we are making limited progress. This is in part due to the current economic reality, budget constraints and the lack of affordable housing.

A panel of local experts will provide an overview of the homeless situation in Thurston County what we are currently doing that is working and what is planned and needed to address this problem. This will include an overview of the 2016 Point in Time count; an update on the planned Community Center and other changes for serving those who are homeless and have mental health problems; and plans to increase the housing options for low income residents. There will also be time for audience ideas, thoughts and questions. The Panel includes: Aaron Rodriquez, Thurston County Homeless and Affordable Housing Coordinator; Brittany Stallings, Interfaith Emergency Shelter; TJ LaRocque, Behavioral Health Services Manager Providence Hospital; Mike McCormick, Home Fund Committee Member, and Schelli Slaughter, Executive Director, Family Support Center.

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