Elected at Annual Meeting for a Two Year Term

Sandra Herndon, Secretary

Peggy Murphy, Treasurer

Annie Cubberly

Shelley Ferer

Continuing -- Serving 2nd Year of Two Year Term

Pat Dickason, President

Ruth Harms, Vice President

Darlene Hein

R Peggy Smith

Appointed By the Board for a One Year Term

Connie Christy

Phyllis Farrell

Marilyn Zuckerman-Funk


Newly Appointed Board Members

Connie Christy

Phyllis Farrell

Marilyn Zuckerman-Funk

You can learn more about all of LWVTC Board members on our website: www.lwvthurston.org/leadership



By the time you read this we should know if the “Trumpcare” bill passed in the U.S. Senate. League at all levels strongly opposes this bill, based on our comprehensive study of health care issues. We advocate to assure access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans at both state and national levels of government. For us, it’s a matter of basic human rights and equity…fundamental League principles. I expect League to continue our support of accessible, affordable, comprehensive health care no matter the Congressional outcome.

In other news, our Board met on June 21st and appointed 3 Directors for 1 year appointed terms: Connie Christy, Phyllis Farrell, and Marilyn Zuckerman-Funk, These women are all amazingly gifted, and will be great additions to our Board. On Saturday June 24th we held our Primary Candidate Forums at Thurston County Media (formerly TCTV.) It is a great privilege to offer these forums and TCM is such a great partner! We’ll be back in September to do the General Election forums for Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater City Council positions, the Port Commissioner position and the Tumwater Mayor position.

Our Board retreat is set for August 4th. We’ll be looking to planning for this year. If you have suggestions, please get in touch with me or another Board member. We’d like to hear your thoughts, and we will add them to the suggestions from our Annual Meeting.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch as Garrison Keillor says.

Pat Dickason, President
[email protected]

LWVWA 2017 Convention Highlights

LWVTC Delegates to the 2017 LWVWA Convention (who you can see pictured on the home page at www.lwvthurston.org) were asked to provide notes on what they appreciated about Convention and what they thought helpful for local League members to hear about. Here is a summary of their impressions.


  • Putting faces with names.
  • Caucuses, in particular meeting with the Resolutions Committee, the one on VOTE 411, and Kim Abel’s on Candidate Forums.
  • Workshops, in particular Observer Corps showing all the work LWV-Pullman has done on this, How to Influence Your Legislator presented by Rep Zack Hutchings, and presentations by our LWVUS Liaison, Jesssica Rohloff.
  • Featured speakers were outstanding, a reflection of the quality of Convention overall.
  • The food was good!

For Local League

  • Sixteen suggestions to help Leagues be effective presented by LWVUS Liaison, Jesssica Rohloff. Once her presentation is posted on the LWVWA website, that information should be distributed to LWVTC members.
  • A handout on Vesting prepared by the Vesting Issue Committee established at the 2015 LWVWA Convention. It’s so current in Thurston Co. Likewise, the Climate Change Toolkit was good. These items may be accessed on the LWVWA Website.
  • All of the tips on how to influence your legislators. If you are interested in specifics, contact the LWVTC Voter Editor, R Peggy Smith, (360) 754-4305, [email protected] or be sure to attend an Action Workshop put on by the LWVWA Advocacy Team next fall
  • If you have the chance to attend LWVWA Convention or Council in the future, you should. But, be advised, you will be spending long days, dealing with multiple issues, and meeting enough new people to make your head spin, while having lots of fun!

potofgold.jpgTREASURE SALE ON TAP – Come check it out and take home that Treasure you have been looking for all your life.

The semi-annual Thurston League of Women Voters Treasure Sale is on July 29th and 30th, located at Bonnie and Bob Jacobs’, 720 Gov. Stevens Ave SE, Olympia starting at 8 am. You can find art work from around the world, collectibles, dinner ware, books, as well as furniture and fabric at this long-standing fund raising event.

Volunteers are still needed to make this event successful. The types of help Treasure Sale co-coordinators, Fran Williams and Shelley Ferer, need are with coordination of pick-up of donations, filling a schedule for set-up the day before the sale, and recruitment of League members to help on the day of the sale. To volunteer, please contact Fran Williams at (360) 357-3334 or e-mail [email protected]


League Primary Candidate Forums were held on July 24th . Candidates for Olympia City Council positions 5, 6, and 7, Lacey position 7 and Tumwater position 6, all races with more than 2 candidates, were interviewed on TCM (formerly TCTV). Mary Moore, Elyette Weinstein and Allyson Brooks were capable moderators and Barb Steffen, Sandra Herndon and Shelley Ferer were great timers. Connie Christy and Pat Dickason hosted. The candidates were grateful to League for offering the forums; you can view them on You Tube and on Channel 77. The links are listed below.

Information about the June 24 Forums and upcoming activities and events related to the Thurston County 2017 elections can be found on our website.


This study, approved at the May 18th Annual Meeting, will pull together the components of the criminal justice “system” in Thurston County so that citizens can have a sense of its size and focus, and how it operates. The study will seek to identify if there is one system, or several, which may or may not overlap, compete, coordinate, share goals and strategies. The study will identify the foci of the system, how the system is working currently, what areas might be improved, omitted, combined. The study will also examine the funding sources of the criminal justice system by jurisdiction, and suggest possible areas of collaboration between jurisdictions and the community.

Currently, several League members have volunteered to work on the study along with a number of community members. President Pat Dickson will convene interested folks in August to begin working on the study process. If you are interested in working on this study, please contact her at [email protected]


The question of the day, as this newsletter is being drafted, is, “Has the Washington State Legislature passed a budget, or has state government shut down?”  Rest assured you will be seeing updates on this situation on the Home Page of the LWVTC website.  In addition, when the Session is finally over, you will be receiving a wrap-up issue of the LWVWA Legislative Newsletter.  If you have any questions about accessing either of these sources of vital League information, contact the LWVTC Voter Editor, R Peggy Smith, (360) 754-4305, [email protected]


LWV-TC Hosted or Co-Sponsored Events

July 29th & 30th: LWVTC Treasure Sale! Bonnie and Bob Jacobs, 720 Gov. Stevens Ave SE, Olympia, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

August 1st: Thurston County Primary Election, let’s all vote.

August 1st & 2nd:  LWVWA Board Meeting, Seattle

August 4th: LWVTC Board Retreat 10:00 – 3:00 Peggy Murphy’s

Sign up for National Voter Registration Day 2017
National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, September 26!

Other Events of Interest

July 3rd: Last day to register to vote in the August 1st Primary Election. Are all your friends and family registered to vote?

July 4th: Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 20, 6:30 – 9:00 pm: Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, I Am Not Your Negro.



We’re pleased to welcome a number of new members:
  • Kassie Koledin
  • Steve Tilley

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