January 2016 - Disaster Preparedness

Remember last year when the news was the Big One that will eventually hit Puget Sound? Well...this January 28th, John Schelling from the Washington State Military Department will give us an overview of seismic hazards in Washington and what to expect from the Big One.

John is going to discuss what happens when we get an exceptionally large seismic event and what the aftermath is expected to look like. I have heard this talk before and let me tell you it is not pretty.  The devastation is expected to be tremendous.  What about roads? Electricity? Cell phone use? Clean water?  John will cover the expected damage in our area and across the Sound. He will also review how long it will take to get us back into the 21st century. How long can we expect to be without power or transportation routes? Following John's discussion we are excited to welcome Shelby Hockaday from the Red Cross who will be discussing how we can be prepared for this disaster. What will we need in our homes? How can we be sure our family is safe? What equipment should we have for communication? Both presentations should be fascinating and extremely helpful.  So, join us on January 28th at 6:00 pm at the Olympia Center from 6:00-8:00 pm in rooms 101 and 102. Join us and learn what to expect and how to be safe!

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