Donna Ewing - LWV-TC Lifetime Citizenship Award

donna_ewing.jpgDonna Ewing helped organize and conduct monthly dinner meetings for the community to cover various aspects of climate change (CC). Calling on professors from our local colleges and author Ross Gelbspan (The Heat is On and later Boiling Point), they joined and collaborated with Climate Solutions on a few of these dinner meetings as well as other educational conferences/workshops; and attended the 1998-99 LWVWA Convention and Council in efforts to identify CC as an Action item for the state. In 2000, Donna found that the Maine LWV was also working on CC. At her instigation, they collaborated to hold a CC Caucus at the LWVUS Convention in Washington DC.

Donna worked with the NW Energy Coalition, Climate Solutions and Transportations Choices in their lobbying efforts to convince our state legislators to enact energy and transportation laws to reduce carbon emissions. Donna participated in the LWVWA Lobby Team to educate and inform league members statewide of the many changes needed, both individually and legislatively to resolve the emissions crises. They finally convinced the majority of the 18-20 environmental groups with whom Donna met weekly and lobbied that CC was disastrous enough to demand total group attention in legislative efforts to combat and reduce this emergent crisis. Early in this time frame, the LWVWA Board established a Climate Change Portfolio Chair and agreed to become an affiliate member of Climate Solutions.

In 2006, LWVUS decided to establish a national Task Force on CC. Donna applied and was selected as one of eight members from across the states. The task force assisted and wrote a number of articles, began an online CC Tool Kit for use by leagues in every state, and advised their national environmental lobbyist on key legislation that LWVUS was working. The LWVUS had had CC as a priority in 2000 and it was again established as a priority in 2006. Donna has been instrumental in bringing climate change issues to light.

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