Website--R Peggy Smith  -- [email protected]
Voter Editor--Cynthia Stewart -- [email protected] 

Facebook administrator--Annie Cubberly -- [email protected] 

LWV-TC Communications Committee functions to keep League members, potential members, friends, and allies apprised of what good work LWV-TC is doing and to provide information about opportunities for member involvement in League-related activities and functions. Committee members do this by way of:

  • Newsletter (Voter) generation and publication
  • Website content development and maintenance
  • Facebook postings 
  • Public relations for events and meetings.

Membership -- Carol Goss -- [email protected]

Roster Manager-- Carolyn Odio -- [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator -- Shelley Ferer  -- [email protected]

The main goal of the Membership Committee is to recruit, involve and retain members in League activities while ensuring that member data is accurate. We believe that the key to the membership committee success is enthusiasm, patience and persistence. Membership activities include:

  • Planning and coordinating special events that welcome new members and keeps current members engaged
  • Directing members to volunteer opportunities
  • Producing and publishing the annual Handbook and Membership Directory 
  • In 2017 year we began holding events to inform and engage all our members including Coffee with the League. We are planning to expand these types of eventIns.

Voter Services-- Gail Wrede -  [email protected]

To achieve its mission of encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government, the League of Women Voters of Thurston County uses a variety of methods to carry out voter services. This is a key way League interacts with the public and demonstrates the values that have been fundamental to League for nearly 100 years. The League provides services to voters by offering:

  • Voter registration information and resources
  • Nonpartisan candidate election forums
  • Election issue forums that allow for all sides of the issues to be heard
  • Publications that identify all elected officials and their contact information in one source
  • Studies that provide thorough analysis of issues.


Public Events/Programs -- Julie Frick -- [email protected]

Many of the member and citizen civic educational activities undertaken by the League of Women Voters of Thurston County are done through public events and informational programs.  The Board of Director will generally establish a year's programs in advance.  Events, that are often co-sponsored by like-minded organizations, may be planned in a less systematic manner.  Events and programs are the foremost methods used by the League to inform the public about issues of concern to the League and local citizens.  In this way we are able to Promote Democracy by means other than voting.


Development -- Julie Frick -- [email protected]

The main goal of this committee is to coordinate development and fund-raising activities as directed by the board.


Advocacy/Lobby Team -- Paula Holroyde -- [email protected]

Members of the League of Women Voters are encouraged to be informed about, and advocate for, policy issues consistent with League Principles and Positions.  During the Legislative Session, statewide issues are also brought to the fore, by coordination with and guidance of the State Lobby Team.


The nominating committee shall consist of five members.   The chairperson and two members, who shall not be members of the board, shall be elected at the annual meeting from among nominations made by the existing nominating committee.  Two additional members shall be members of the board of directors appointed by the board at the first board meeting following the annual meeting.


A budget committee shall be appointed by the board of directors at least two months prior to the annual meeting. The treasurer shall be an ex officio member of the budget committee but shall not be eligible to serve as chair. The committee will prepare a budget for the ensuing year. The proposed budget shall be sent to all members two weeks before the annual meeting.


Observer Corps 

Although there is not a formal Observer Corps at this time, individual members do attend and report informally on a number of local governmental bodies.  

To see a guide to observing government in action,

Click here  

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