August 2017 Voter


Elected at Annual Meeting for a Two Year Term

Sandra Herndon, Secretary

Peggy Murphy, Treasurer

Annie Cubberly

Shelley Ferer

Continuing -- Serving 2nd Year of Two Year Term

Pat Dickason, President

Ruth Harms, Vice President

Darlene Hein

R Peggy Smith

Appointed By the Board for a One Year Term

Connie Christy

Phyllis Farrell

Marilyn Zuckerman-Funk








We live in interesting times! I suspect that many of you, like me, participated in “Debate Team” while in high school. As I remember it, we were assigned “sides” of a question to debate, and we were NEVER to attack the other person. We got points for how well we argued based on the facts we researched. No ”Googling” for us, it was off to the library to find information and research our positions which we noted on index cards. I remember we were required to be courteous to our opponents, rigorous in our research, and possibly quite dull in our presentations. Times have changed, but I don’t think being courteous has really gone out of style.

And we’re seeing a lot more public involvement. Membership in organizations like League, Sierra Club, AAUW, ACLU, Planned Parenthood is increasing by leaps and bounds. Speaking for the Thurston League, we’re welcoming new members and hearing from others who are considering joining us.

Our Board holds our annual planning retreat on Friday, August 4th. We’ll be reviewing the work we did last year, considering what we might continue this year, and what we might add to our schedule. We’ll report back to you about the outcomes, and look forward to collaborating on all kinds of activities this next year.

Shelly Ferer is reporting on our “Treasure Sale” in more depth below---it was a great success thanks to all of you who contributed treasures and your time . We netted $2500---a record!

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch as Garrison Keillor says.

Pat Dickason, President
[email protected]



The proceeds from semi-annual Treasure Sale fundraiser on July 29 and 30 surpassed previous years, raising $2500 for League voter education and voter services.

President Pat Dickason and Treasure sale committee co-chairs Fran Williams and Shelley Ferer were overjoyed by this news. They thank everyone that donated items, and were especially grateful for some high value pieces that helped bring in extra funds. The sale is possible thanks to the many volunteers who helped set-up, tended the tables, served as bankers, helped break down the tables on Sunday afternoon and took the unsold items over to Goodwill. Bonnie and Bob Jacobs donated the use of their home and yard, as they have in previous years, and many hours of labor and volunteer support.

Special thanks for a super successful sale also go to our patrons. Here is an example of a satisfied purchaser, with new LWCTC member, Jean Stewart, acting as his personal shopper A nod goes to the weather, too.




Shelley has been a member of the Thurston County League for about a year and a half, and joined the board last April. She was born and raised in western Washington. She graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1984 with a concentration in Environmental Studies.

Shelley lives on and managed a small blueberry farm and operated a small business for many years. The topics of local and sustainable food systems, small business ownership, and her own search for voter education lead to her involvement with the League. As a member of the League Observer Corp she has a presence at local government and nonprofit organizations.

In the coming year, Shelley looks forward to helping with voter registration drives and voter education forums.


Coffee with the League started last winter, with a focus on gaining information about and responding to Washington State Legislative issues. It didn’t take long for those attending to start discussing a broader range of issues. It proved so popular that not even the ending of the Legislative Session could stop it.

Every Tuesday, at 10AM, LWVTC members and friends, generally between 4 – 14 individuals, meet at Phoebe's Pastry Cafe, 1800 Cooper Point Road. The facilitator, Paula Holroyde, comes prepared with federal, state, and county issues. Many times others come with issues they are involved with. Over time the number of issues being discussed has widened. Some Tuesdays there are dozens of postcards prepared to remind law makers that League members are watching and care. Some Tuesdays there may just be discussions.

Newcomers are always welcome to this enthusiastic and action oriented gathering. This is a VERY inclusive activity. It is an activity where people can listen and/or participate. Politics matter because of what it does to people. Together we can urge decisions that support and defend ordinary people.


On Saturday, September 23, the League is sponsoring the Thurston Community Television General Election Candidate Forum. Candidates will be interviewed by League moderators. We need timers, moderators and a committee of individuals to decide on questions which are appropriate and relevant for the candidates.

Tuesday, September 26, is National Voter Registration Day. The League will be partnering with other like-minded groups to provide the opportunity for every eligible individual to register to vote. Democracy only works when we all participate in the voting process. Without participation there is no representation. National Voter Registration Day reaches out to those groups and individuals who have not participated in the election process and therefore have not been fairly represented.

Further information about these two events, as well as other fall Voter Services activities can be found on the LWVTC website, If you are interested in volunteering for either or both of these events please contact Connie Christy, Voter Services Chair, [email protected]


LWV-TC Hosted or Co-Sponsored Events

August 4th: LWVTC Board Retreat 9:30 am – 3:00 pm at Treasurer Peggy Murphy’s

August 16th:  LWVTC Board Meeting 11:30 – 1:00 pm

September 23rd: LWVTC General Candidate Forum, at Thurston County Media (TCM).

September 26th: National Voter Registration Day

Other Events of Interest

August 20th, 2:00 - 4:00 pm: Immigrant Support and Cielo Fundraiser Potluck Picnic at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.

August 23rd, 7:00 – 9:00 pm: Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Bryan Stevenson Video. Stevenson is the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama.

August 26th, Women’s Equity Day



We’re pleased to welcome a number of new members:
  • Gina Fino
  • Jean Stewart

VOTER Questions, Comments, or Content?

Contact the Voter Editor, R Peggy Smith [email protected] (360) 754-4305.


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