Water Study


Even in the evergreen state, water resource conservation is important. Soon, nearly 70 percent of the wastewater from Lacey's sewer system will be purified to Class A standards through a partnership with the LOTT Alliance for use by the city's new Reclaimed Water Utility for irrigation, groundwater and stream recharge, wetland enhancement, and other purposes.


Water Study Next Meeting:

To be announced.



Initiation of the Study

At the Thurston League Annual Meeting in May 2018, the membership adopted a two-year study designed to update the Thurston County Water Realities in Relation to Planned Development, 2008. 

There are several documents that serve as background for this study.  

The LWV Thurston County 2008 study may be seen here.  

State Senator Karen Fraser presented a very informative talk, in November 2017 about "Water Rights and the 'Hirst Decision'".  


As the study progresses, information will be added here -- you will want to check back often.

By mid September, 2018, the  Water Study Steering Committee and Organizing committee had met several times.  We are in the process of evaluating the complexities that climate change and population growth are having on Thurston County’s water sources.  There are numerous studies and researchers we are trying to meet with.  This will help narrow down our priorities as we update the 2008 Water Study. 

Only ten years after the initial study, the difference climate change has made is truly a wake up call.  Washingtonians joke about summer starting on July 5th.  We have had little or no rain since May.   Mother Nature has not provided the usual water for yards, gardens, or  our ground water recharge.

As soon as we are able to determine the priorities, we will share our efforts.  This study will then need study groups to help LWV Thurston County figure out definitions and solutions  to critical water issues.  Updating the 2008 Water Study and  integrating it with the Hirst Supreme Court Decision, is a challenge.  But when we were confronted with the population growth in the past 10 years, the projected growth for in next 10, and add climate change, we hit the pause button to find out what more up to date information is available. 

We appreciate the water specialists who have been so generous with their time and information. We all have a horse in this race.  Only by working together can we make a difference.