Water Study


DID YOU KNOW? For each gallon of hot water used in millions of daily showers in America, the heating fuel used sends 1.92 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That’s a chunk of CO2 the weight of six iPhone 7s.


Water Study Next Meeting:

To be announced.



Initiation of the Study

At the Thurston League Annual Meeting in May 2018, the membership adopted a two-year study designed to update the Thurston County Water Realities in Relation to Planned Development, 2008. 

There are several documents that serve as background for this study.  

The LWV Thurston County 2008 study may be seen here.  

State Senator Karen Fraser presented a very informative talk, in November 2017 about "Water Rights and the 'Hirst Decision'".  


Extension of the Study

The first several month of study research focused on determining study priorities.  During this process, the Study Committee became aware of a promise of a set of watershed plans for Thurston County Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA).  In response, on November 7, 2018, the LWV-TC Board voted to extend the study timeline. The study is now expected to extend through mid-2021.


Ongoing Study Work

The next phase of the study will be further collection of information in the context of three educational community meetings about water issues.  The first of these meeting will be held early in 2019. Meeting dates, locations, and focus will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.


Check back often.  Questions and comments can always be directed to Paula Holroyde at hapapafarm@gmail.com