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Tue, March 10 – Presidential Primary Election  -- see details below

Apr 28, April Special Elections

Tue, August 4 – State Primary Election

Tue, November 3 – General Election


2020 Mock Election

 What is the Mock Election?

The Mock Election is a non-partisan, educational event that teaches kids to be informed voters. All K-12 students in Washington State are welcome to participate! Over 265,000 students have voted in Washington's annual Mock Election since 2004.

 What is on the ballot?

Students vote on real ballot measures, on real candidates, and on real paper in the Mock Election. Order real ‘I voted’ stickers for your classroom, too!

How do students cast their votes?

Just like adult voters in our state, students will vote on paper ballots. The advantage of paper ballots is the ability to audit the results. The new toolkit contains a worksheet for classroom results. Download all materials needed—mock ballots, voter guides, results reports, and posters.

How can I teach the Mock Election in my classroom?

To prepare for voting, students are encouraged to read the Voters' Pamphlet - an excellent primary source! Teachers can request the free Teaching Elections in Washington State curriculum book and “I Voted” stickers. Please visit the Teacher Resources section.

Do students need to pre-register?

No pre-registration is necessary; students may register and vote in one sitting. Participation is free.

Who can participate in the Mock Election?

Voting is open to all Washington State public, private, tribal and homeschool students in grades K-12.

Visit the Washington Secretary of State's website for further information.



Presidential Primary Election

The 2020 Presidential Primary is a chance to participate in the nomination process for the office of US President. It was first created in 1989 through a citizens' Initiative to the Legislature to include more voters in the process. This is the only election in which Washington's voters are required to mark and sign party declarations written by the major political parties. Every registered voter receives a mailed ballot packet after February 21.  

Voters in Washington do not declare a party when registering to vote, but to participate in the Presidential Primary, you must mark one party box and sign the declarations on the return envelope.  Your choice of party will not affect how you may vote in future elections. In the November General Election, you will not declare a party and may vote for any Presidential candidate you wish.

Each major political party decides which candidates are printed on their side of the ballot. On January 7, each major party submitted its final list of names to the Secretary of State’s Office for ballot materials. The uncommitted option was available to both parties. The Democratic Party requested an uncommitted delegates option. The Republican Party did not request the option.  Minor and independent candidates do not participate in the Presidential Primary and must comply with a different convention process.

Additional details can be found at the Secretary of State, Elections & Voting website



Take a look at the LWVWA and Spokesman Review tabloid "YOUR VOTE" to see how powerful your vote is.   



The League of Women Voters publishes a Citizen's Directory of Elected Officials each year, called "They Represent You." This valuable resource provides a complete list of all local, state, and federal representatives who serve the citizens of Thurston County. View and download the PDF version of 2020 They Represent You.    


Other helpful voter resources

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