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Between elections, there are still things you can do to increase your understanding about voting and the democratic process.  Here, as well as on our Voter Resources page, you can begin your investigations.

A topic that is drawing a lot of attention is establishing a NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE.  A National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  

There was a virtual conference held on this  topic recently.  For more information about this topic and to access the video, click here

The index to the speakers is below:
Eileen Reavey, Grassroots Director, National Popular Vote
Rebekah Warren, Michigan Senator
Pam Wilmot, Vice President of State Operations, Common Cause
Rob Richie, CEO, FairVote
Ted Trimpa, Senior Advisor, National Popular Vote
Patrick Rosentiel, Senior Advisor, National Popular Vote
Sylvia Bernstein, Coalition Coordinator, Yes on National Popular Vote
Barry Fadem, President, National Popular Vote
Scott Drexel, Senior Advisor, National Popular Vote
Ray Hanes, Former ALEC National Chair and California Senator
Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Party Chair
Christopher Pearson, Vermont Senator
Prof. Lawrence Lessig, Founder, Equal Citizens
Jason Harrow, Executive Director, Equal Citizens
Michael Steele, Former Republican National Committee Chairman
Dr. John Koza, Chairman, National Popular Vote



Check out  for information about registering and voting.  


If you have had a felony conviction, you can find out about when your right to vote is restored by visiting the Secretary of State's website, at this page:


Take a look at the LWVWA and Spokesman Review tabloid "YOUR VOTE" to see how powerful your vote is.   



The League of Women Voters publishes a Citizen's Directory of Elected Officials each year, called "They Represent You." This valuable resource provides a complete list of all local, state, and federal representatives who serve the citizens of Thurston County. View and download the PDF version of 2020 They Represent You.   

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