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For detailed information about who will be running in a range of elections and what our League is doing about various races and candidates, click here to get to our Candidates and Forums page.

GENERAL ELECTION on NOVEMBER 3 (deadline to register except in person October 26).

Detailed information about who will be running in these elections and our League is doing to inform voters about various races and candidates, click here to get to our Candidates and Forums page.

Dates to be aware of:

Oct 16 -- General Election Starts

Nov 3 -- General Ballots Due

Do you care about the environment, health care, and jobs? We know one sure way to make a difference with the issues you care about—elect candidates who will act on them. Find candidates who share your point of view and help get them elected by voting and encouraging others to vote.

Check out  for information about registering and voting.  

Please share this message with five (or more) contacts and ask them to do the same.

If you have had a felony conviction, you can find out about when your right to vote is restored by visiting the Secretary of State's website, at this page:


 Additional details can be found at the Secretary of State, Elections & Voting website





Take a look at the LWVWA and Spokesman Review tabloid "YOUR VOTE" to see how powerful your vote is.   



The League of Women Voters publishes a Citizen's Directory of Elected Officials each year, called "They Represent You." This valuable resource provides a complete list of all local, state, and federal representatives who serve the citizens of Thurston County. View and download the PDF version of 2020 They Represent You.   

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