Climate Mitigation

Members of an ad hoc Mitigation Plan Review Group, comprised of Jody Disney, Katherine Ransom, Joel Carlson, Sandra Herndon, and Peggy Smith, read the draft plan and considered the implementation strategies to meet plan goals.  The group then requested that the LWVTC Board approve a position in favor of plan adoption.  On September 9,, 2020, the Board approved the Position that can be read by clicking here.

Next steps will include advocating for adoption of the TCMP by City of Olympia, City of Tumwater, City of Lacey, and Thurston County Commission.  

There are several ways you can review, comment on, and otherwise support the TCMP. 

Right now, you might want to sign the TCAT petition for the four jurisdictions to pass and fund the plan.

Use the links provided below to Read the Draft Plan.

Complete a short survey to tell the Thurston Regional Planning Council what you think of the draft plan.

Be part of Zoom webinars where it will be possible to submit questions -- register using links provided below.

     October 5, from 4:00-5:30 pm. This will be a panel discussion with members of the TCMP Steering Committee and the Advisory Group. 

     October 14, from 5:30-7:00 pm.  This session will provide more opportunity for community members' to interact with staff.

Email your comments to any time until October 16.

Check back for  further developments!



The draft Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan is now available for public review.



Thurston Regional Planning Council, Thurston County, and the cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater are working together with the public and key stakeholders to create a framework for reducing local contributions to climate change. After two years of work, the draft Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan is now available for public review. The plan outlines strategies to reduce local carbon pollution from sources like transportation, buildings, solid waste, and land use to help our region build toward a healthier, more livable, and resilient future.

We want to hear from you! We are launching an online Open House and survey starting Wednesday, September 17th to share the draft Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan and gather community feedback. Visit to participate! 

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