Promoting Democracy

The Thurston County LWV organizes and hosts events and activities to educate and inform voters regarding local, state and national subjects and issues.

LWV – Thurston County Presents:

The League provides information regarding issues through meetings and debates, and publications like They Represent You (TRY) brochure (PDF)

During an Action Workshop in Olympia, in November 2017, former State Senator Karen Fraser presented a very informative talk about "Water Rights and the 'Hirst Decision'".  She graciously is allowing us to provide you with her notes for that talk. Click to open the PDF of her notes.

Thurston County LWV also works to register voters at events and multiple locations year-round. The League updates and directs voters to VOTE 411, the voter information on-line resource which provides candidate and issue information prior to each election. The League also conducts candidate interviews on TCTV seen as the “Go-to” for elections information.

Program of Work Planning is Underway 

The LWVWA wants to hear from us!  Local League planning meetings will be held throughout the state.  This is where members come up with ideas to pass along to the state. Program of Work suggestions will be considered and voted on at 2019 Convention in Tacoma. The schedule for LWV-Thurston Program of Work Planning will be available soon.  In the mean time, you can be thinking about the issues you think would be appropriate for LWVWA to work on during the 2019-2021 Biennium. 


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