Water Study Public Meeting 3

Where’s the Water: Rural Water Challenges & Solutions – March 19, 2019

The third public meeting on aspects of Thurston County's water supply took a rural turn.  An enthusiastic crowd met in Yelm to hear speakers talk about issues unique to rural residents of the county.


Mayor JW Foster talked about water resource planning going on in Yelm.  This "center of the universe"  has been attracting residents for hundred of years, with no signs of slowing down. Accommodation to population increases demands thoughtful planning. 

Mary Verner, Department of Ecology Water Resources Division Program Manager, provided the "nuts and bolts of water rights permits."   Again, population growth is a pivotal factor in actions being taken by her Division.  The importance of Watershed Plans being developed was stressed by Ms. Verner.


The fact that "farms" come in all sizes and varieties, from house plants to mega-farms and ranches, was the opening point of Glen Schorno.  He is a Dairyman from Yelm, and his remarks were related to agriculture water needs.  One of his major points is that technology is now a key factor in enabling more efficient use of water. 

The final speaker of the evening, Nora White, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Thurston Conservation District (TCD), provided a range of voluntary and non-regulatory solutions to water management. Land owners are able to get direct education and technical assistance from TCD through their localized and hands-on approaches.                                             






Videos of each of the presentations will be available on this page soon.  Check back often.

Water Study Public Meeting 2

Where’s the Water: Water for People, Water for Fish – March 5, 2019

Another standing room crowd listened and learned about a range of aspect of Thurston County's water supply.


Speakers George Walter, Environmental Program Supervisor, Nisqually Indian Tribe; Marc Daily, Executive Director, Thurston Regional Planning Council; and Maia Bellon, Director, Department of Ecology talked about history, current circumstances, and prospects for the future.  

A video of the evening program is presented here in three parts:

Part 1 is 42 minutes long. 

Part 2 is 24 minutes long.

Part 3 is 36 minutes long 


Water Study Public Meeting 1

Where’s the Water: Reality Check – February 5, 2019

Yes, it was a standing only crowd for the 1st of five Water Study public meetings. Certainly the excellent front page article in The Olympian, meeting sponsor, was a draw.  The presence of other sponsors contributed to the informative evening.


Moderator, former Senator, Karen Fraser set the stage with eye opening information about the portion of water that is actually available it for human use. Listen to her remarks by clicking here.

Her remarks were followed by presentations by two first-rate presenters, Kevin Hansen, County Hydrogeologist, Thurston County Water Resources, and David Troutt, Natural Resources Director for the Nisqually Indian Tribe.

   Mr Hanen explained where Thurston County water comes from and the challenges to maintaining adequate supply.  He pointed to the promise of a set of watershed plans for Thurston County Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA).  Find his remarks here. 



Mr. Troutt, who was instrumental in the development of the first approved plan, for the Nisqually watershed, spoke ab out the plan.  He also talked about the impact of I-5 crossing the Nisqually in terms of economy, salmon recovery, and national security.  Here are his remarks.

2018 Education Fund Benefit Luncheon

The Education Fund Luncheon, held at the Indian Summers Country Club on October 20, 2018, was a great success.  

This is our annual fundraising event, as well as an opportunity to hear inspiring words from a governmental leader, present an award to an individual who has made a difference in our community, and generally celebrate our work.


Our guest speaker was Kim Wyman, Washington State Secretary of State centered her remarks on “Securing the Electoral Process.” Secretary Wyman shared her insights and stressed the urgency of addressing cyber-security and other                    LWV-TC10-20-2018EdFundLunch-7.jpg

threats to our election safety and security.  It was gratifying to hear that Washington ranks highly in our election security.  In light of the League’s dedication to non-partisanship, attendees especially appreciated Secretary Wyman’s assertions that while a candidate may run as a partisan to get elected, an elected official must work for all people afterward.

The 2018 Citizen Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Allyson Brooks, the Washington State Director of Antiquities and Historic Preservation. Additional information about this award and Dr. Brooks can be found by clicking here.

League members and friends attending the Luncheon found opportunities to mingle and visit – at check-in while The Burren Band provided lively music, during lunch, and while checking out Silent Auction items.       

The bargain filled Silent AuctionLWV-TC10-20-2018EdFundLunch-2.jpg was held this year to raise funds for our League’s operating account.      

April 2018 General Meeting

Communicating Effectively with Elected Officials

The focus of the April 2018 League of Women Voters of Thurston County was the importance of civil discourse in our community and political conversations.  On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, LWVTC members and interested citizens met at the Olympia Center – 222 Columbia Street NW, for a very informative session.                          IMG_0241.JPG

We were honored to have former Washington State Senator, 22nd district for 23 years, former State Representative, past County Commissioner, and former Lacey Mayor Karen Fraser as our moderator for the evening.  She and the panelists were introduced by Board member, Sandra Herndon, who led the team that put this program together.   

John Hutchings, Thurston County Commissioner for District 1, Bob Jacobs, former Olympia Mayor, Cynthia Pratt, Deputy Mayor of Lacey, and EJ Zita, Olympia Port Commissioner provided hints and how-to's for speaking and making a case to local elected officials.  In addition, each of the panelists and Karen Fraser provided personal insights that helped add context and color to the points they made.   


March 2018 General Meeting

 Mental Health Services in Thurston County  

This General Meeting, which was moderated by League of Women Voters of Thurston County Board member, Darlene Hein, provided an opportunity for members and the public at large to hear about mental health issues in our county. Representatives from the Community Care Clinic, Behavioral Health Services, and the Department of Social and Health Services did a good job of giving people a more complete picture of the very complication current status of such services.


February 27, 2018 General Meeting

Climate Change is Real: Impacts & Solutions for Thurston County

This Forum was held at the Olympia Center, and it attracted a large crowd interested in this important topic.  


Thurston County League President, Pat Dickason, opened the meeting.  Board member Phyllis Ferrell served as moderator.


  The speakers  were; Tom Crawford from the Thurston Climate Action Team on local projects and priorities; Mike Burnham, Senior Planner for the Thurston Regional Planning Council, who talked about the regional climate adoption plan; Andy Haub, Water Resources Director for the City of Olympia on sea level rise issues; and Kim Danke who presented views from the Faith community.


Facts and figures, glowing graphics, and interesting information made for productive, positive,  and people pleasing presentations.



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