July 2016 - Candidate Forum: Commissioner of Public Lands

The Thurston County League of Women Voters and the League of women Voters of Washington, among others, are co-sponsoring a public forum for the Washington State Public Lands Commissioner on July 11, 2016 at 7 pm.

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April 2016 - Living Wage

The League of Women Voters of Thurston County's final general meeting for this program year will be a joint meeting with the League of Women Voters of Mason County. During this meeting, we will hear about a range of challenges faced by people in our community who have limited incomes. It is amazing how many aspects of "Economic Justice" have impacts on a low income person or family as they struggle to make ends meet.

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March 2016 - Homeless Issues

Thurston County has an ongoing challenge dealing with homelessness. Compassion and charity have never been enough to address the realities of our most vulnerable residents and although there are dedicated programs working hard every day to assist them it seems that we are making limited progress. This is in part due to the current economic reality, budget constraints and the lack of affordable housing.

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February 2016 - Tax Fairness

The issue of economic disparity has become a significant topic in our national conversation and is certainly playing a role in our election cycle. On February 25th, at Traditions, our League will welcome Wolfgang Opitz, Assistant State Treasurer, to discuss the issue of tax fairness, which is a critical component of this discussion.

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January 2016 - Disaster Preparedness

Remember last year when the news was the Big One that will eventually hit Puget Sound? Well...this January 28th, John Schelling from the Washington State Military Department will give us an overview of seismic hazards in Washington and what to expect from the Big One.

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