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The Thurston County LWV advocates based on local, state and national positions. League positions are derived from extensive research and study of an issue. Studies are done by League members interested in a particular issue. Study members gather information about the topic, organize the material and write the study with conclusions. Subsequently, members approve the position by a consensus process. Local League positions include issues important to our South Puget Sound region. Below is a list of Thurston County LWV published Positions and Studies, with a link to the Position Summary.

Juvenile Justice (PDF)
We believe here should be some authority in the Juvenile Justice Law to oversee its implementation.

Land Use Planning (PDF)
We believe the concept of planning is a necessary and desirable adjunct of government to provide for orderly development. Regional planning as a necessary part of the total comprehensive planning process to provide for cooperation and coordination among political subdivisions.

Olympia City Government (PDF)
The League favors a city government which:

  • Is broadly representative economically and geographically.
  • Has open discussion of policy issues.
  • Is responsive (ability to most directly address problems, issues, and goals).
  • Encourages citizen participation.
  • Has separation of powers with a qualified administrator.

Port Districts (PDF)
League supports:

  • Public port districts with emphasis on environmental values, coordinated planning and public accountability.
  • Cooperation and coordinated comprehensive planning with a regional, state or international agency to facilitate orderly planning and public accountability.
  • Enforcement of the Shoreline Management Act and other environmental regulations.
  • Attention to community recreational needs.

Thurston County Government (PDF)
The League favors a county government which:

  • Has a legislative body which is representative economically, geographically, and allows for subcommittees.
  • Separates powers with administration the responsibility of an appointed or elected executive.
  • Has a centralized personnel system.
  • Has open discussion of policy issues and well-defined channels for citizen input and review.
  • Is adequately financed.

Urban Growth Management (PDF)
The aim of the Urban Growth Management Plan should be to concentrate urban development within the planned urban area and to provide high quality basic services at the least cost. The jurisdictions should encourage orderly development which is consistent with adequate and efficient provisions of public facilities and does not burden the community as a whole.

Indian Rights (PDF)
The League believes we must support measures which:

  • Promotes the schools' responsibility to educate both Indian and non-Indian children about Indian history, culture, and present status.
  • Will ensure that American Indians will be provided comprehensive and adequate health care by the United States government.
  • Recognizes the Indians' treaty rights to off-reservation fishing and fair allocation of the State's fishery resources, and which establish federal, state, and tribal responsibility for conservation of those resources.

Water Resources (PDF)
The League believes that concerning water resources, the overriding consideration should be protecting the quantity and quality of the water resource.

Child Care (PDF)
The League of Women Voters of Thurston County believes that a primary indicator of the strength of a society is the value which that society places upon the nurturing of its children.

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