Thurston League of Women Voters  DEI & Justice Committee


The purpose of the Thurston LWV Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEI & Justice) Advisory Committee is to “lead through the lens of equity” and make a commitment to:

  • Recognize systemic racism exists at all levels and is endemic within our political and social order, including history of the LWV
  • Deepen our understanding of the complexities of community issues to make recommendations to governmental policy makers
  • Support legislation that promotes racial, social and economic justice
  • Become educated and engaged to advocate and promote equity and diversity within the LWV organization
  • Connect with community organizations sharing common values, issues and advocacy strategies
  • Coordinate with and gain knowledge from community organizations that encourage diversity and awareness of justice-related issues within the Thurston LWV community
  • Develop educational programs and participate in activities offered by others to expand knowledge, perspectives and mindfulness to hone Thurston’s DEI and Justice lens

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