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The 2018 Primary Election is on August 7th.  Althought LWVTC did not hold candidate forums for this primary, here are the County and State Positions, with candidates running, that are being voted on by Thurston County Residents.

Thurston County

Assesor: The incumbent, Steven J. Drew, a Democrat, will face Tim Oliver, an independent.

Auditor:  The incumbent, Mary Hall, a Democrat, will face Stuart T. Holmes, an independent. 

Clerk:  The incumbent, Linda Enlow, a Democrat is running unapposed.

Coronor: Incumbent, Gary Warnock, a Democrat is running unapposed.

Commissioner District No. 3:  Four candidates are running for Commissioner.  The incumbent Bud Blake, an independent, will face Melissa Denton, a Democrat; Tye Menser, a Democrat;  and Jed Haney, an independent.

Prosecuting Attorney: The incumbent, Jon Tunheim, a Democrat, will face Victor M. Minjares, also a Democrat.

Sheriff: The incumbent, John Stanza, an independent is running unapposed.

Treasurer: The incumbent, Jeff Gadman a Democrat is running unapposed.

District Court, Position 1: Incumbent Judge Kalo Wilcok is running unapposed for the nonpartisan seat.

District Court, Position 2: Incumbent Judge Sam Meyer is running unapposed for the nonpartisan seat.

District Court, Position 3: Incumbent Judge Brett Buckley is running unapposed for the nonpartisan seat.

Public Utility District, District Nol 1: The Incumbent Linda Oosterman will face Andrew Saturn for the nonpartisan seat.

Legislative Districts

District No. 2: The Incumbents, Andrew Barkis and J.T. Wilcox, both Republicans, are seeking re-election. Anneliese M. Feld, a Democrat will challenge Barkis for his Position 1 seat.

District No. 20: The Incumbents, Richard DeBolt and Ed Orcutt, both Republicans, are seeking re-election. Brennan Bailey, a Democrat, and Mark Smith, an independent, have filed to challenge Orcutt.  John Thompson, a Democrat has filed to challenge DeBolt. 

District No. 22: The Incumbents, Beth Doglio and Laurie Dolan, both Democrats are running for re-election.  Allen Acosta, a Libertarian has filled to challenge Doglio. C Davis, an independent has file to challenge Dolan.

District No. 35: Incumbent Senator Tim Sheldon, a Democrat is challenged by Irene Bowling, a Democrat; Marco Brown, a Republican; John Martin, a Republican and George Sevier,, a Republican.  Incumbent Representative Dan Griffey, a Republican is being challenged by James Thomas, a Democrat.  Incumbent Drew MacEwen, a Republican is being challenged by David Daggett a Democrat.

Court of Appeals

Division 2, Position 2: Rebecca Glasgow is running unapposed for the nonpartisan seat.

Supreme Court

Position 2: Incumbent Susan Owens is being challenged by (Zamboni) John Scannell for the nonpartisan seat.

Position 8: Incumbent Steve Gonzalez is being challenged by Nathan Choi for the nonpartisan seat.

Position 9: Incumbent Sheryl G. McCloud is is being challenged by Stanley Lippmann for the nonpartisan seat.


3rd District: Incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler, a Republican, has 6 challengers.

10th District: Incumbent Denny Heck, a Democrat, has four challengers.

U.S. Senate: Incumbent Maria Cantwell, a Democrat, has 29 challengers.




Results of the 2017 General Election can be found on the Thurston County Auditor website:

2017 General Election Candidate Forums


Port Commissioner District 2:

Port Commissioneinjares, a Demor District 3:

Lacey City Council position 6:

Lacey City Council position 7:

Olympia City Council position 4:

Olympia City Council position 5:

Olympia City Council position 6:

Olympia City Council position 7:

Tumwater City Council position 5:

Tumwater City Council position 6:

Tumwater Mayor:

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