Current Issues & Priorities

The Thurston County LWV works on issues of local and state-wide interest.  Some of the issues are of an educational nature, while others fall into the realm of advocacy.  Although the League is strictly nonpartisan, there are many policy proposals we take a stand on.  And, we also put time and effort into furthering issues we support.  

At the bottom of this page you will find the range of issues we have been involved in recently.  Specific issues noted below are ones our members are currently working on.  We invite you to join us as we continue Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

Water Study

A  proposal to update the Thurston County Water Realties in Relation to Planned Development study of 2008 was presented and addopted at the 2018 Annual Meeing in May. This study is planned for two years with the following people willing to participate in the study: Paula Holroyde, Karen Verrill, Esther Kronenberg, Zena Hartung.  Betty Tabbutt agreed to serve as a resource, and other members would be welcome to join the group   The 2008 study may be seen here.

Details related to this study are presented in the Water Study Page .  

One of the important activities mentioned during several of the community meeting LWVTC has sponsored as part of the Water Study has been Watershed Planning.   County Commissioner Tye Menser hosts part one of  a two-part series, focusing on the Nisqually Watershed Plan. Catch this episode on a video produced by Thurston Community Media. 


Embracing Diversity

Confronting racism is an ongoing LWVC charge.  We are continually searching for ways to respond to the following challenge: 


Check here often to find out what we, and like-minded organizations, are doing to embrace diversity.



Government Issues

  • Municipal Governments
  • Thurston County Critical Areas 
  • Thurston County Governance

Natural Resources and Environment Issues

  • Oil and Coal Train Concerns
  • Shoreline Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Social Issues

  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Equality
  • Racial Equity




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