Current Issues & Priorities

The Thurston County LWV works on issues of local and state-wide interest.  Some of the issues are of an educational nature, while others fall into the realm of advocacy.  Although the League is strictly nonpartisan, there are many policy proposals we take a stand on.  And, we also put time and effort into furthering issues we support.  

At the bottom of this page you will find the range of issues we have been involved in recently.  Specific issues noted below are ones our members are currently working on.  We invite you to join us as we continue Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.

Water Study

A  proposal to update the Thurston County Water Realties in Relation to Planned Development study of 2008 was presented and addopted at the 2018 Annual Meeing in May. This study is planned for two years with the following people willing to participate in the study: Paula Holroyde, Karen Verrill, Esther Kronenberg, Zena Hartung.  Betty Tabbutt agreed to serve as a resource, and other members would be welcome to join the group  Further details related to this study will be presented here as they are available.  The 2008 study may be seen here.

League Endorsed Initiative 1639 will be on the November Ballot

I-1639 proposes:

  • a 21-year age limit to purchase semi-automatic firearms
  • stricter background checks for purchasingy assault-style weapons,, and
  • penatlies for those who do not adequately lock up their guns.

The League is working with the Alliance for Gun Responsiblites on this initiative.  To reach their website, click here.


League Endorsed Initiative 1631 will be on the November Ballot

This measure, Investing in Clean Energy and Healthy Communities, would charge pollution fees on sources of the greenhouse gas pollutant carbon dioxide, and use the revenue to reduce pollution, promote renewable energy, and address climate change impacts, with the oversight of a public board.  There is more information about this initiative on the Yes On 1631 website. 

Initiative 1631 supporters are now gearing up for what will be a tough battle against Big Oil. Supporters, including the League, will  want to let Washingtonians know that this Initiative will invest in our future – in clean energy, healthy forests, and pollution-free water – and charge the state’s biggest polluters a fee to ensure they pay their fair share. It will also improve the lives of everyday Washington families by creating good-paying jobs across the state.


I-940 Might Need To Go For A Vote Of The People

LWVWA members, among other supporters, worked hard to get enough signatures to get Initiative 940 before the Legislature.  After much negotiation, lawmakers passed I-940 and a compromise measure to amend it with changes called for by police groups and supported by activists. However, a lawsuite filed soon after passage contended that the process used was illegal.  Judge Christine Schaller ruled that the Washington lawmakers violated the state Constitution when they used a procedure to make it easier to prosecute police for negligent shootings.

This means that I-940 might need to go onto the November ballot!  Because the Washington State Attorney General immediately appealed, the lawsuit will be heard by the Supreme Court.  It may be a month or s0 before we know if I-940 will need a vote of the people. Check back to the LWVTC website often to keep up with development related to I-940.



Government Issues

  • Municipal Governments
  • Thurston County Critical Areas 
  • Thurston County Governance

Natural Resources and Environment Issues

  • Coal Train Concerns
  • Shoreline Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources
  • Alternative Energy
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Social Issues

  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Equality
  • Racial Equity


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