Current Issues & Priorities

The Thurston County LWV works on issues of local and state-wide interest.  Some of the issues are of an educational nature, while others fall into the realm of advocacy.  Although the League is strictly nonpartisan, there are many policy proposals we take a stand on.  And, we also put time and effort into furthering issues we support.  

At the bottom of this page you will find the range of issues we have been involved in recently.  Specific issues noted below are ones our members are currently working on.  We invite you to join us as we continue Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.


Water Study

A  proposal to update the Thurston County Water Realties in Relation to Planned Development study of 2008 was presented and addopted at the 2018 Annual Meeing in May. This study is planned for two years with the following people willing to participate in the study: Paula Holroyde, Karen Verrill, Esther Kronenberg, Zena Hartung.  Betty Tabbutt agreed to serve as a resource, and other members would be welcome to join the group  Further details related to this study will be provided in the Water Study Page as they are available.  The 2008 study may be seen here.


Initiatives will be on the November General Election Ballot

Check out ballot issue summaries developed by LWVWA



Initiative 1639 

After several legal challenges, the WA State Supreme Court ruled that I-1639 can be on the General Election Ballot for a November 2018 vote.

I-1639 proposes:

  • a 21-year age limit to purchase semi-automatic firearms
  • stricter background checks for purchasingy assault-style weapons,, and
  • penatlies for those who do not adequately lock up their guns.

If you might be interested in attending a September 15th fundraising event in support of I 1639, check here.

The League is working with the Alliance for Gun Responsibiites on this initiative.  To reach their website, click here.

Initiative 1631

This measure, Investing in Clean Energy and Healthy Communities, would charge pollution fees on sources of the greenhouse gas pollutant carbon dioxide, and use the revenue to reduce pollution, promote renewable energy, and address climate change impacts, with the oversight of a public board.  There is more information about this initiative on the Yes On 1631 website. 

Fast Facts:
• By 2035 we’ll produce 20 million tons less pollution a year, the equivalent of taking 4 million cars off the road for a year
• By 2050 that number will grow to 50 million tons
• Generates over a $1 billion per year that will be invested in clean energy projects across the state like wind and solar energy, cleaner transportation options, energy efficiency, forests and clean water projects that reduce pollution, and home retrofits and weatherization
• Yes on 1631 is the largest most diverse coalition ever built for an initiative in Washington state history! The coalition represents the state’s largest community of color organizations, environmental groups, health advocates, faith groups, labor unions, tribal nations and many more.
• 35% of the overall investments in I-1631 must directly benefit those communities most impacted by pollution who tend to be lower income and communities of color.

I-1631 will be the first issue on the ballot in Washington! 

Things you can consider doing:  Sign up here and WCV organizers will reach out to you to discuss how to help!

                       Spread the word with VoterCircle
VoterCircle is a new friend-to-friend outreach tool that lets you identify which of your friends are Washington Voters and quickly send them a message about the campaign.
Click here to start messaging your friends.

                      Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE)
Share personal stories that explain why you believe in 1631, as opposed to policy explanations. Here is an LTE guide with some great samples. Contact FAN if you want to explore other ideas for getting involved!


The State Supreme Court ruled in August that LWVWA endorsed I-940 must be placed on the November ballot.  DeEsculate Washington is leading the ballot campaign. Click here to see the latest about the campaign. 

The ballot campaign will focus on the motivation for the much-needed reforms, all of which are based on best practices recommended by national task forces on policing and by law enforcement leadership groups.  I-940 closes some big gaps in state law.  I-940 will:

  • Require violence de-escalation and mental health training.
  • Require first aid training for all officers and require that police render first aid at the scene.
  • Removes the de facto immunity and adopts an objective reasonable office standard.
  • Requires completely independent investigations of police use of deadly force.
  • Requires involvement and notification of Tribal governments where a tribal person was killed or injured.
  • Includes diverse community stakeholders in policy making discussions.



Government Issues

  • Municipal Governments
  • Thurston County Critical Areas 
  • Thurston County Governance

Natural Resources and Environment Issues

  • Coal Train Concerns
  • Shoreline Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources
  • Alternative Energy
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Social Issues

  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Equality
  • Racial Equity


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