On Saturday, June 8, during the 2019 Convention of the League of Women Voters of Washington, the coveted Local League Awards were presented. 

LWV-TC Coffee with the League was acknowledged with the LWVWA 2019 Effective Member Engagement and Recruitment Award.

          Thurston League delegates, Mary Moore, Sandra Herndon, Sue Lean, Karen                    Verrill, Sue Bredensteiner, Carol Goss, Julie Frick, and Karen Fraser, congratulate            Paula Holroyde, the driving force behind Coffee with the League, as she accepts              the award.



The following nomination statement was read during the presentation.

“Born of a desire to protect and expand public policy issues supported by the League of Women Voters, Coffee with the League, sponsored by the Thurston County LWV, has been in operation for over two years. Every Tuesday morning, a dedicated group of LWV members and friends of the LWV (an average of 15-20 each meeting and a total of at least 100 different participants over the two years) gather to discuss current local, state, and national issues. Participants then write postcards to appropriate legislators.
“During the Washington State Legislative Session, bills being considered by the House or Senate are followed. The state LWV position is considered, and information from the Washington League of Women Voters Legislative Newsletter is presented. Lobby Team members, who often attend, and various community activists give updates and reasons why bills should be supported or opposed. After what are sometimes spirited discussions, participants contact their legislators by writing postcards, voicing their personal opinions of support or opposition. Pre-stamped postcards are supplied and paid for by donations from the group’s attendees. An average of 40-60 postcards are mailed each week.
“These meetings have encouraged members to be informed and engaged. They also provide a sense of community. Those of us who regularly attend these meetings feel a sense of commitment and involvement in issues affecting our daily lives. We feel engaged and needed. It is important to us to make our concerns known to our representatives at the local and state level as well as the national level. Often, we receive personal responses from our representatives. Some representatives have used our postcards in presentations to the community, and one used a postcard in a video to constituents.

Empowered voters: The actual writing of an individual postcard, even though perhaps an antiquated means of communication, focuses one’s attention and thoughts about a single issue. It helps us, as concerned citizens and LWV members, understand complex issues. We can, through the interaction of other participants of Coffee with the League, clarify our own thoughts and feelings. This can lead to developing empathy and acceptance of opposing opinions and perspectives on critical issues and puts each participant in a more powerful position when sharing beliefs.

Educated or informed voters: In addition to giving a means of making participants’ feelings known about political matters, Coffee with the League educates participants about current issues. At a recent Tuesday meeting, April 23 to be precise, nineteen people were in attendance, including two new LWV members and several visitors. As the meeting proceeded, issues that were highlighted included a proposed Thurston County Emergency Housing Ordinance Revision. Members were encouraged to attend the hearing on this issue and/or email comments to the Thurston County Board of Commissioners. Another topic was the proposed defunding of renewable energy federal research at six national laboratories, including Ames Laboratory (100% reduction) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (74% reduction). These cuts would terminate potentially thousands of jobs in the research and energy sectors as well as jeopardize the United States as a global leader in energy innovations.

Build connections with other groups or individuals: In addition to those previously mentioned, several other community organizations have been represented at Coffee with the League. Just some of these include environmental protection groups such as Sierra Club and Grand Old Broads. Missing Middle Housing and homeless advocates have made presentations. Immigrant issues are often addressed, and CIELO representatives have spoken. Gun violence concerns are frequently discussed, including support of youth organizations such as the Parkland students’ Never Again movement. Mason County

Julie Frick and Paula Holroyde show off the Award.


Dr. Allyson Brooks - Citizenship Award

During the 2018 Education Fund Benefit Luncheon, a League of Women Voters of Thurston County Citizen Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Allyson Brooks, the Washington State Director of Antiquities and Historic Preservation.

Allyson-Brooks.jpgAllyson has a significant impact statewide through her professional work that focuses on preserving physical reminders of our past. From lumber mills to schools, sacred landscapes to archaeological sites, rustic cabins to office towers, our historic and cultural resources provide everyone with a tangible link to persons and events that have shaped our communities and ourselves.  Her work helps our state maintain an environment that instills civic pride and community spirit.

The Thurston League has benefited directly from Allyson's involvement in the local community. She served both as President and Vice-President/Program Chair. She continues to be a vital source of connections and information as we plan meetings of interest to members and the broader community.  


In her spare time, you'll find Allyson doing Crossfit, running with her dogs, weightlifting, photographing sunrises, and even doing some martial arts when she gets the chance



Brad Shannon - LWVTC Lifetime Citizenship Award

Award-Receiver-Brad-Shannon-cropped.jpgBrad Shannon, Editorial Page Editor, The Olympian, was one of two people from Thurston who were honored at the LWVTC Education Fund Luncheon on October 28, 2017.

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Lifetime Citizenship Award - Meg Martin

Award-Receiver-Meg-Martin-cropped.jpgOne of two Lifetime Citizenship Award presented at the LWVTC Education Fund Luncheon, on October 28, 2017, was given to Meg Martin, Program Director, The People’s House.



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Senator Karen Fraser - LWV-TC Lifetime Citizenship Award

KarenFraser.jpgSenator Karen Fraser received our Lifetime Citizenship Award during the LWVTC Luncheon on October 29th.  This coming January, Senator Fraser celebrates 50 years of public service, having served as State Senator (6 terms), State Representative (2 terms), Lacey Mayor and City Council Member (first woman for each), Thurston County Commissioner (second woman), Legislative Liaison for three state agencies, citizen lobbyist, nonprofit organization advocate, and Adjunct Faculty at The Evergreen State College.

Senator Fraser has provided effective leadership on a wide range of important issues---women, labor, environment, community development, consumer protection, cultural affairs, and state level international relations.  As a long-term LWVTC member, she has consistently promoted core League values, particularly making democracy work for citizens, civility in government, and promoting the informed and active participation of citizens. 

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Cherie Davidson - LWV-TC Lifetime Citizenship Award

Cherie-Davidson.jpgCherie was raised in a family that was always active in public affairs. She and her husband, Don moved to Olympia in 1969. Her volunteer work helped shape our community and the state.

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Dorothy Marsh - LWV-TC Lifetime Citizenship Award

dorothy_marsh.jpgDorothy Marsh served as President of the League of Women Voters of Thurston County 1996-98. She then became the Voter Service Chair for ten years.

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