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All LWV-TC members should receive the LWVWA Legislative Newsletter during the the Washington State Legislative.  If you are a League member but do not receive the LN, go to  to sign up.  Also, visit this page often to see what issues are of particular interest to LWV-TC.

League advocacy is based on well-studied and adopted-by-concurrence positions and principles.  Visit the Positions and Studies page to learn more about them.


LWVWA approves positions on 2019 Ballot Issues at August Board Meeting

The two ballot measures are the result of Initiatives to the Legislature and were submitted to the 2019 Legislature for their action. The Legislature did not act on I-976 ($30 car tabs) and thus the Initiative moves to the 2019 General Election ballot.  The Affirmative Action measure (I-1000) was approved by the 2019 Legislature.  Following that approval, Referendum 88 then received enough signatures to put the issue on the 2019 Ballot.

 With respect to these 2019 ballot issues, the League:

Opposes I-976: Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs.  This Initiative (

 relates to limiting state and local taxes, fees, and other charges relating to vehicles is opposed based on League’s positions on revenue and transportation.

Cynthia Stewart (Tacoma-Pierce Co and Transportation & Revenue Issue Chair) is the lead contact on League’s opposition to I-976.

Supports Ref. 88: Concerning Affirmative Action (I-1000).  Ref. 88 asks voters to approve or reject I-1000 (would allow the state to remedy discrimination for certain groups and to implement affirmative action, without the use of quotas or preferential treatment (as defined), in public education, employment, and contracting.)

Voting yes on the Referendum will retain the Affirmative Action I-1000 as passed by the Legislature.  League support is based on Equality of Opportunity position.

RPeggy Smith (Thurston Co) is the lead contact on League’s support of Ref 88.


Stay tuned for more information about what you can do to be a part of the action on these two items as we move toward the 2019 General Election.



Members and friends of LWVTC meet weekly at a local coffee shop for Coffee with the League.  This provides an opportunity to hear about Thurston County governmental issues and processes of interest.  During the Legislative Session, statewide issues are also discussed at these coffee get-togethers. 

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