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Join other members as we work to create change on critical issues affecting our state next year! LWVWA Action Workshops will once again offer an in-depth look at the upcoming legislative session, a chance to hear from local lawmakers and keynote speakers, information about key issues in Washington State, and ways get involved in issues that you are passionate about. Learn how you can advocate and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to defend our democracy. See more information and sign-up here.


Local Involvement Opportunities

 It is clear in the LWVTC bylaws that members may act in the name of the League of Women Voters only when authorized to do so by the President of the Thurston League.  However, much can be learned for setting League positions and informing members by attending public meetings.  

In conjunction with the the Water Study that is under way, LWVTC is keeping an eye on events associated with the Thurston Conservation Commission (TCC).  There are two upcoming meetings that will be of interest to our members.

Tuesday, November 20 – Board of County Commissioner Meeting Public Hearing5:00 pm at Thurston County Courthouse—This 2nd Public Hearing is being held due to an administrative oversight (see TCC press release HERE).  This new public hearing  provides another opportunity to let our commissioners know how IMPORTANT a YESvote is to constituents. 

Tuesday, November 27 – Regular Board of County Commissioner Meeting 
VOTE on proposed Thurston Conservation District Rates and Charges

Friday, December 7 – Washington State Conservation Commission Meeting, 8:30 am,Department of Ecology Headquarters Building Auditorium, 300 Desmond Drive SW, Lacey, WA 98503—For Thurston Conservation District Hearing to consider removal of two TCD Board Supervisors. The hearing is open to the public. Find information about the TCD investigation process HERE. Contact Ron Shultz (360-407-7507) for questions.


Take Action: Support 2019 Funding for Thurston Conservation District Through Proposed Rates & Charges

WRITE AND CALL Thurston County Commissioners and County Manager Ramiro Chavez in support of the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) proposed rates and charges.

Bud Blake, District 3, Commission Chair:
John Hutchings, District 1, Commission
Gary Edwards, District 2 Commissioner:
Ramiro Chavez, Thurston County Manager: (360) 786-5440; email HERE

Thurston County Conservation District was established in 1947 and is one of 45 conservation districts in Washington state. Conservation Districts provide voluntary, incentive-based programs to educate and empower private landowners to implement conservation on their property and assist residents of counties to protect their environments.

Tell the commissioners that you value TCD for its superior benefits to Thurston County through services and equipment for farmers and land managers as well as a healthier and more productive environment for us all. Stable funding for this important organization (five to six dollars per year for most landowners) is VITAL for the county’s ongoing environmental progress. Review HERE for an in-depth understanding of TCD’s work.


Coffee With the League 

Members and friends of LWVTC meet weekly at a local coffee shop.  This provides an opportunity to hear about Thurston County governmental issues and processes of interest.  During the Legislative Session, statewide issues are also discussed at these coffee get-togethers. 

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