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Be Prepared to Advocate

All LWV-TC members should receive the LWVWA Legislative Newsletter during the the Washington State Legislative.  If you are a League member but do not receive the LN, go to  to sign up.  Also, visit this page often to see what issues are of particular interest to LWV-TC.

League advocacy is based on well-studied and adopted-by-concurrence positions and principles.  Visit the Positions and Studies page to learn more about them.

Latest Note from LWVWA on Supporting I-1000,     A Remedy for Discrimination

LWVWA has endorsed I-1000, an initiative to the Washington Legislature that would update the state’s affirmative action policies. Several League members collected the signatures necessary to advance the initiative. This month LWVWA President Ann Murphy named R. Peggy Smith as the LWVWA representative to the I-1000 campaign. This week the measure gained the support of the Seattle Times Editorial Board.  Led by One WA Equality Campaign, the effort has the support of Governor Inslee as well as Washington's three former governors.

One WA Equality Campaign summarizes I-1000 as promoting "diversity, equity and inclusion in public education, public employment and public contracting for qualified women, veterans, people with disabilities, and people of color through Affirmative Action without the use of quotas. I-1000 would repeal I-200." I-200 is a discriminatory measure that passed in  1998.

The Campaign explains, "I-1000’s mission is to enable every qualified Washington citizen, regardless of race, gender, disability or military status to be protected from discrimination when seeking opportunities in public education, public employment or public contracting."

Want to know more about I-1000? This FAQ page is a great resource.


LWVUS is encouraging local Leagues to advocate for  "Green New Deal"

LWVUS joined a January 10th letter with more than 600 organizations urging Congress to hold hearings and openly debate legislation about climate change in response to the momentum across the country to address this important issue. LWVUS provides these talking points to Leagues  about our engagement with a possible "Green New Deal" and climate change policy more generally. These points are meant to inform Leagues of the activities of LWVUS and can be used by individual Leagues in their messaging on this subject.



Members and friends of LWVTC meet weekly at a local coffee shop for Coffee with the League.  This provides an opportunity to hear about Thurston County governmental issues and processes of interest.  During the Legislative Session, statewide issues are also discussed at these coffee get-togethers. 

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