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LWV-Thurston-County-Decades.pngThe Thurston County League of Women Voters was established in 1961. It is part of the League of Women Voters of the United States, as well as the League of Women Voters of Washington State, both of which date back to 1920. Read a publication about our history and stories from our first five decades (PDF).

The League never supports or opposes candidates and never supports or opposes political parties. Rather, League focuses on enabling and encouraging all citizens to fully participate so that they can weigh in on the issues that matter most to them at local, state, and national government levels. The League works collaboratively to influence public policy through education and advocacy.

  • The League acts in support of, or in opposition to, selected governmental issues which its members have studied.
  • League members, as individuals, are urged to work in the political party of their choice.

Today, the League works to effect change on a variety of issues, such as health care, climate change, election and campaign finance reforms, land use, and education. Since 1920, the League nationally has been known widely for its voter education efforts and as a non-partisan, government watchdog group.



In May of each year, the League of Women Voters  of Thurston County hold a Membership Meeting to elect officers, adopt a budget, and conduct other business of the organization.  Below you will find the MINUTES of the May 18, 2017 Annual Meeting and Budget for the 2017-2018 Program Year.


League of Women Voters of Thurston County

2017 Annual Meeting

Olympia Friend’s Meeting House

3201 Boston Harbor Road NE, Olympia

May 18, 2017, 5:30-8:00 pm


  1. Call to order, Welcome: Pat Dickason, President, called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm, welcoming those in attendance.  Ruth Harms led the group in a warm-up exercise.


  1. Meeting Rules/Agenda Review/Recognition of Dawn Gibbs
  • Annual Meeting Rules were reviewed by Pat Dickason including the handling of program proposals.
  • The annual meeting agenda was reviewed and approved with the addition of a proposal on net neutrality by Elyette Weinstein. 
  • Recognition of Dawn Gibbs: members acknowledged Dawn Gibbs for her many contributions to the LWVTC.  For many years, Dawn has headed public relations, edited our newsletter (The Voter), produced the TRY, sent out dues letters, oversaw registration for the Education Fund Luncheon, and coordinated voter registration events (among many other things).  In gratitude, fellow board members presented her with a gift certificate to Klalaloch Lodge.  We will miss you Dawn!!


Potluck Dinner (30 minutes)


  1. President’s Report-Year in Review: In her annual report, Pat Dickason gave an overview of LWVTC activities and achievements over the past year. This included:
  • General meetings on topics of concern to our community (including one on growth management in Yelm).
  • Regular board meetings at the Family Support Center.
  • The Education Fund Luncheon during which we honored Karen Fraser (who was lauded by Rep. Denny Heck).
  • Collaborating with others including:  the Women’s March, the March for Science, the Olympia Climate Action Convention; a reception honoring Women’s March organizers; racial equality meetings; and voter registration events.
  • We donated $500 to TCTV which partners with us on candidate forums; initiated “coffee with the League” which is held Tuesday mornings at Phoebe’s Cafe; and launched the new LWVTC website.


The League’s membership is now at 120 people with 20 new members since January.  We have lost several members to death including Kathleen Downey, Mary Murphy, Don Davidson, Eve Johnson, and Barb Theiss. 


Pat acknowledged members for special contributions including Dawn Gibbs, Ruth Harms, Peggy Murphy, Karen Tvedt, Karen Verrill, Allyson Brooks, Paula Holroyde and Connie Christy. 


The Washington State Convention, Democracy-Must be Present to Win, will be in June. Representing us will be Pat, Annie Cubberly, Paula Holroyde, Elyette Weinstein, Karen Verrill, and Darlene Hein.   A


  1. Budget Committee Report: Karen Verrill provided the Treasurer’s Report including the proposed 2016-2017 budget.  We have shifted to internal management of our budget to ensure that it is presented in categories and language that are more understandable. 
  • The proposed budget is higher than in the past which is necessary to carry-out bigger projects, maintain a storage facility, and rent facilities to accommodate events such as our general meetings.
  • Karen V explained that while League dues are $60, national takes $32 and State $19.  We are left with $9, $7 if people use Pay Pal to submit their dues.  Income also assumes $1,000 from the Treasure Sale, $1,000 from the Silent Auction, and $600 from grants. 
  • Resources as of May 1, 2017 included: checking account-$9,634; savings-$4,357; and Gladys Burns CD-$2,939. 

Karen V moved and Karen Tvedt seconded acceptance of the proposed budget. The budget was approved by members in attendance.   


  1. Committee Reports:
  • Voter Services (Connie Christie):  Connie reported that candidate forums will be held on June 24, 2017 at TCTV. A sign-up sheet is being circulated to recruit moderators, time-keepers, etc.  She also encouraged people to volunteer to participate in voter registration events and other civic engagement efforts including outreach to schools.
  • Membership (Darlene Hein):  Darlene highlighted the new “coffee with the League” initiated by Paula Holroyde, and said she hopes for more events like this to engage members in the work of the League. 
  • Special Events (Ruth Harms): Ruth talked about the upcoming Treasure Sale to be held July 29-30, 2017; Fran Williams will coordinate this effort but volunteers are needed to make the event a success.  The Education Fund Luncheon will be October 28th at the Red Lion.  Once again, we will give a life-time achievement award during this event.  
  • Communications (R Peggy Smith): R Peggy encouraged people to write articles for the Voter; she also highlighted our new website and the need for people to post on our Facebook site.
  • Observer Corps (Pat Dickason): Pat talked about the purpose of the observer corps…to observe what’s happening and report back to the League.  Information about what we learn will be posted on our website.  Pat will be attending a session on observer corps at the upcoming State Convention.
  • Coffee with the League (Paula Holroyde):  Paula spoke compellingly about how energized she is listening to people during the Tuesday morning “coffee with the League.”  The sense of community reminds her that moving from Hawaii to Olympia was a good idea.  She raised questions about light rail (and the risk of becoming a bedroom community to Seattle and Tacoma); money in politics; growth; and the Citizen Alliance for Property Rights. She encouraged members to investigate property rights bills being considered by the legislature and to bring a list of talking points to share on Tuesday morning. 
  • Public Relations (Dawn Gibbs, report in annual meeting packet):  Dawn’s report outlines the number of TRY’s distributed in 2016 and 2017 and other outreach activities including Voter Registration from June 2016-April 2017.  We currently have 289 followers on our Facebook site.


  1. By-Law Revisions (R Peggy Smith):  R Peggy explained that most of the by-law revisions being proposed are non-substantive edits.  However, in Article III, Membership, we propose changing “citizens” to “persons” and age from 18 to 16 years.  This is consistent with national and state bylaws.  Mary Moore moved and Karen Tvedt seconded a motion to approve this change.  The change was approved by members in attendance.  Based on a separate motion (Paula Holroyde and Karen Verrill), the non-substantive edits were also approved.    


  1. Proposed Study: A Review of the Criminal Justice System in Thurston County (Pat Dickason):  Pat explained that this study will address how the Thurston County criminal justice system works including funding sources, areas of collaboration and what things might be improved.  Member comments included concerns about the amount of work required to conduct a study (especially given other commitments including the need to update our water study) and the importance of involving people with expertise in criminal justice.  Members voted in favor of the proposed study.


  1. Nominating Committee Report/Board Elections:  The nominating committee included: Mary Moore (chair), Phyllis Ferrell, Valerie Hammond, Bronwyn Vincent, and Pat Dickason (observer).  Mary presented the recommendations of the committee:
  • Secretary: Sandra Herndon
  • Treasurer: Peggy Murphy
  • Board Members: Annie Cubberly and Shelley Ferer.


The League Board endorsed the nominating committee report on April 20th.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Paula Holroyde moved and Bronwyn Vincent seconded election of this slate of candidates.  Members approved the motion.


Other Positions:

  • Reading Committee (to review annual meeting minutes):  R Peggy Smith, Peggy Murphy and Shelly Ferer.
  • Nominating Committee (non-Board members): Mary Moore, Bronwyn Vincent and Elyette Weinstein.


  1. Other
  • Elyette Weinstein requested support for a proposal on net neutrality to the LWVWA Convention.  This proposal would be concurrent with a position passed by the League of Women Voters Connecticut in 2008 (based on a 2007 study).  It supports the LWVUS position to protect the open, neutral, nondiscriminatory nature of the internet.  Members supported this request with two members opposing. 


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 pm. 



LWV-TC General Operating Budget
Fiscal Year begins July 1st 2017-2018

Gross Dues 120 members @ $60 7,200
Individual 200
Business 200
Interest from accounts 20
Treasure Sale 1,000
Silent Auction 1,000
Grants 600
Education Fund Luncheon
Advance from Ed Fund account 3,500
Donations to Ed Fund 1,000
Transfer from checking account 2,940
TOTAL $17,660

Per Member to LWVUS ($32 per member)* 3,840
Per Member to LWVWA ($19 per member) 2,280
Secretary of State 10
Postage 100
Office Supplies 100
Advocacy (printing, LWV pins, etc.) 250
Committee & Presidents Expenses 200
Directory (print and mail) 470
New Member Packets 150
New Member events 200
Annual Meeting expense (handouts, rent) 200
Delegate (travel, registration, Action wk shops) 2,500
Storage locker 935
Meeting Rooms 1000
Community Outreach 100
Luncheon expenses 3,500
Luncheon donations 1,000
Website annual fee 225
Holiday Party 100
Pay Pal fees 400
Total $17,660

Revised 6/10/17
Resources on May 1, 2017 KV & RPPS
Checking account $9,638
Savings $4,357
Gladys Burns CD $2,939

Education Fund Information

LWV Thurston County account in the
League of Women Voters of WA Education Fund

Deposits 2017-2018
Currently On Account as of 3/18/2017
Fundraiser Luncheon Event Income 4,000

Non-event donations
Individual 500
Business 500
Grants 500

Total $5,500

Voter Service
Candidate Forums (film and live) 750
Voter Registration 100
Supplies 100
Study or Project 500
They Represent You 1,000
TVMedia dues 150
Education Fund Luncheon expenses 3,500
Meeting room rent 100
Public relations 50

50% dues of _120__ members paid to LWVUS at $32.00 each 1,920
TOTAL $8,170


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